Of course, you should use sound even in the store to increase sales, attract attention and guide your customers right. We at Donadoni has developed a small and handy audio player which we call Shoptalker ™.

ShopTalker ™ is a small and handy audio player with built-in speakers and a PIR motion sensor.

The player detects when a customer walks by and then plays a sound. It can be a sound logo, a direct request to purchase or a few well-chosen words, linked to the product or campaign. Because hearing is a notice sense for the mind, the customer reacts instinctively on the sound and turns to the audio source and the product. During a few moments your product is in focus and thus have a greater chance of being chosen.
Your product becomes visible because it’s been heard.

ShopTalker™ can be installed in the ordinary shelf to let your product stand out, but it can of course also be attached to the campaign displays or “kiosks” to strengthen and clarify. You can fill it with different sounds to vary your message. Since the player can be powered by battery or AC/DC adapter, you can easily select both placement and longevity of your campaign.

Sound is extremely good at conveying emotions. Sound takes a shortcut past our senses and stimulates our emotional centers directly.
And feelings are selling. Birdsong, a summer meadow, accordion on a bridge or childrens laughter. Emotions guide our choices more than you think.
Be sensible. Sell with feeling.
Studies we have done together with IKEA and Elgiganten show sales increases of up to 61% thanks to Shoptalker ™.

Shoptalker™ increases the chance that your product becomes visible.
Shoptalker™ affects the customer in close connection with the point of sale.
Shoptalker™ enhances the feeling of your campaign.

Download Swedish PDF here.
Download English PDF here.

Here are some customers who used Shoptalker™ – so far.