Shoptalker™ Sensor-controlled sound

An explanatory film about how Shoptalker™  sensor-controlled sound  works.

Shoptalker™ increases in-store sales .

Sound communicates feelings. The brain makes all decisions based on emotions. Shoptalker™ affects the customer right when he or she is about to make  a purchase.

 If they hear you, they can see you.

Competition for customer attention in  department stores is fierce. Studies show that we pay attention to as little as one per cent  of all products when we visit a store. Yet 80 per cent  of all buying decisions are made without a shopping list. So it’s vital that your brand stands out.
Shoptalker™ is a small and handy audio player with a built-in speaker and motion sensor. When it detects  customers it plays a sound. It can be an audio logo, a prompt for  customers to buy, or some well-chosen words linked to a product or campaign.

Since hearing is a sense designed to trigger a reaction, sound will make customers react instinctively and cause them to turn towards the source of the sound. At that moment, your product is in focus and thus has a greater chance of being selected.

Your product is visible because it can be heard.

Shoptalker can be placed in standard product displays to help your products to stand out,  attached to campaign displays or in “kiosks” to strengthen and clarify messaging.
You can fill it with a variety of sounds to vary your messages.

Sound is good at communicating feelings.
Sound takes a shortcut, bypassing our intellect, and stimulates our emotional centre directly.
And feelings sell. Birdsong, a summer meadow, a violin playing or a child’s laughter. Emotions guide the choices we make more than you can imagine.

Surveys we have conducted with IKEA and Swedish white goods retailer Elgiganten suggest sales increase  up to 61 per cent  thanks to Shoptalker™.

Be smart. Sell with feelings.

• Shoptalker increases the visibility of your product.
• Shoptalker affects customers at the moment of making a buying decision.
• Shoptalker enhances the emotional impact of your campaign.

Vi fick i uppdrag att ljudsätta IKEAs Rum&Hem i kampanjen Make room for life, här en film från installationen i Älmhult.

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