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Need sound? Radio advertising? Then you've come to the right place, we can help!

We are a very experienced team with lots of awards. We have produced thousands of radiospotts that cuts through. This is what we love to do!

This means that you are in safe hands , whether you need  a local ad for an independent car repair  business, or a nationwide campaign for a multinational company.

Whether you call it jingle, radio spot, audio or radio advertising, we know how to  deliver.

This is how it works:
You contact us and tell us what you need. We discuss the scope of the project, either by phone or in a face-to-face meeting .

We suggest  concept ideas and present a cost proposal. Once you approve the concept and  budget, we start producing. We then write the final script, produce music, if necessary, and find  the right actor, book the recording and get started. You choose whether you want to participate in the recording or not, and you can participate either on site or  remotely. We present the finished material to you and you provide feedback.
Any corrections are made prior to final approval and then we send the material to the radio station(s) to  broadcast the campaign.

Normally, a radio advertising spot takes at least one to two weeks to produce, but this varies, of course, depending on the scope and nature of individual projects.

Some  tips for producing really good profiling radio advertising:

1. Use emotion rather than  too much information
Sound is extremely effective at conveying emotions, but less good at conveying a lot of information. Preferably, convey only one message per spot and let it take time. Skip addresses, unnecessary phone numbers, and "corporate BS". Concentrate, instead, on “touching” the listener. The emotional centre of  the brain is the part of the brain that makes all decisions.

2. Tone of voice
The choice of actors and voice-overs is of course extremely important in order to convey messages effectively. With the right casting, direction and a good basic idea, you have  all the prerequisites for finding the right tone. Speaking of voices, over the years we have accumulated more than 500 actors of different ages, dialects and languages.

3. Theatre of the mind
Use the large brush to paint images in people's minds:  a summer meadow, a thunderstorm, or the feeling of being in New York’s Central Park is entirely possible on  radio. Your only limit is your imagination .

4. Music and sound – a shortcut to the emotional centres of the brain
Music is fantastic. It can completely change your mood at any moment. We know how important the right music is, and we can help you choose the right tune or compose new material  for your company and create your unique audio profile u. Over the years, we’ve done this  for a large number of clients, including Blåkläder, Statoil, Dominos Pizza and the Pawn Bank.

5. Strategic  focus
Don't forget your overall communication strategy when producing a radio campaign! Of course, we have great experience of narrowing ideas with advertising agencies in order to best adapt campaigns to the radio medium.


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