Sounds for film

Films without sound tend to be boring. We have extensive experience of producing audio for film and TV commercials. It can be anything from a door creaking to a baby crying.

Sounds that make  films and commercials come alive and  capture viewers’ attention.

The human brain inhabits a large "sound bank" – a vital survival tool. If you fail to hear  or recognize a  predator rustling in the bushes, you will be eaten. It’s as simple as that.
Your  brain’s sound bank contains everything from your mother’s heartbeat and birds singing  to fire alarms and music. Whether you like it or not.

If a child happens to watch a scary movie for instance, it’s  actually their ears they mute with their hands rather than covering their eyes.
The sounds of the film are directly connected to our emotional centres and are perceived as much more “dangerous" than the films.
Sound is a great way to  convey emotions and evoke memories.
At Donadoni, we know how to do just that with our voices, music and sound effects.

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