Radio advertising & radio spots

We are a very experienced team with lots of awards. We have produced thousands of radiospotts that cuts through. This is what we love to do!
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Shoptalker™ Sensor-controlled sound

Use in-store audio to drive sales. Shoptalker™ plays your sound as customers pass. Create completely unique audio campaigns in retail environments.
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Advertising jingles - Sound profiles

 We write music specifically for TV, radio and the web.
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Do you need sound? Radio commercials? Jingles?

You’ve come to the right place! We are a creative sound production company that records and mixes voiceovers, music and sound for all types of films and commercials. Need help with scripts, concept development, music or voice for TV, radio or online advertising? Drop us a line – we’d love to help!


Need podcast commercials? We’re passionate about producing commercial sound for a wide variety of channels, including radio, Spotify, Acast, social media platforms and film. Just ask – we’re the experts!


Commercial music – Sound profiles – Jingles: we do it all. We compose music for TV, radio, shoptalkers and web. Commercial jingles, ambient music and music that lifts brands.


Sensor-controlled sound has many potential  applications – the sky’s the limit. Brands, property owners and residents’ associations all use Shoptalker.

Our customers

Films without sound tend to be boring. We have extensive experience of producing audio for film and TV commercials. It can be anything from a door creaking to a baby crying. Sounds that make films and commercials come alive and capture the viewers’ attention

Today, many brands produce podcasts to communicate both internally and externally. It’s  also a very good way to delve into a topic that touches specific target groups. At donadoni, we know how to do this.

The right voice-over for your brand. We deliver the highest quality voices and voice recordings for your projects. It could, for example, be a voice-over for  a commercial or a voice actor providing a character in a radio commercial.

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