Donadoni is a creative production company with a very experienced squad. We specialize in audio and music production with an emphasis on television, radio and Spotify commercials. We have also developed a retail product, Shoptalker™, which uses PIR sensor controlled sound that affects the customer in a point of purchase environment.

Per-Erik and Tomas debuted in advertising in 1993, Jens made his debut in 2003.
We love great advertising and believe that people are not stupid. If you want to gain respect from your listeners, you need to respect the consumers and give them something worth listening to. After all, all of them are aware of that they are listening to a commercial. With high individual skill and a tight cooperation with our customers could be the answer to why we have reached commercial success in radio, television and on Spotify and we have on several occasions won prestigious awards such as the Silver Egg and Radio Gold in Sweden.
By eating right and exercising every day, we keep a high level of creativity. With special composed music and songs with clear messages we will help you with everything from script to select the right voices. Do you want to win, you choose Donadoni!
We regularly collaborate with Swedish and foreign advertising agencies, but works naturally also directly with end customers.